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Tree Stories – Telly Award Winning Public Television Series

Based on the Telly Award-Winning pilot episode “Silent Witnesses,” the 13-episode “TreeStories” series was completed early in 2002. WEB3Direct oversaw the airing of the shows, establishing distribution to 196 American Public Television (APT) stations across the United States, where they have continued to be aired for over a decade. Our team designed the accompanying website to APT/PBS standards, linking all the show outlines, credits and clips from each episode.

In their very first season the shows drew a wide audience and brought in hundreds of new direct website and catalog sales for American Forests Historic Tree Nursery project. These three clips show the fun spirit and educational approach written into each episode that captured the imagination of viewers across America.

Big Trees(Large file: 4.2 meg) Fantasy Trees(650 k) Tree Houses(1.24 meg)
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