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“Why Are the Customers You’re Getting So Often
NOT The Ones You Really Want?"

(Could It Be You’re Somehow Attracting The ‘Wrong’ People…?)


What if you could get customers you really enjoy doing business with, cut your expenses and lower your stress while getting endless referrals and repeat sales?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But for something this revolutionary to become reality in YOUR business, you first need to FORGET most of what you’ve ever THOUGHT or FELT about marketing up till now!


I’d like you to start thinking of your market as real people – individuals with wants, needs and desires just like you. What they are not is any warm body with a credit card! You only want the people who want to be your customer, and see you as their best and only solution.


But Emerson, how can they “want me” when they don’t even know me? Did anybody “want” Facebook before they knew what it was? How about the iPhone? You are already the perfect choice for a certain segment of the population – they just don’t know YOU yet! Your current advertising and marketing probably just isn’t reaching out and embracing them! Instead, most marketing messages are generic, casting as wide a net as possible to attract as many people as possible. This attracts all sorts of people, including many you don’t want but have to put up with! But wouldn’t you rather deal with people who respect you, trust you and want to do business with you? You can, by changing the messages and signals you are sending your market! Your ideal client wants to know your true voice, your passion for what you do and how much you care about your cherished customers. The people who resonate most with this kind of marketing message will be more like-minded. The Spanish refer to these as compadres, because it implies a deeper relationship than just any old acquaintance. It’s these “Client Compadres” that are looking for someone just like you, someone they relate to and trust. They’re just waiting for you to tell them! To Embrace Your Market is to develop the understanding, feel and intuitive ability to see deep into the lives of the people in your market who already want YOU, and let them know you exist!

Lynn Rose

"He is the Marketing Master! He gave me such clarity in a way I felt totally cared for... he just so gives!"

~Lynn Rose,

John Assaraf

"Emerson’s created the copy, the strategy and tweaked it to the point that our servers have been crashing on some of our campaigns!"

~John Assaraf, PraxisNow, Featured in the hit movie The Secret

TRUTH: You don’t need or want everyone who CAN buy from you — TO buy from you!

“What? That’s nuts! I thought ‘casting a wide net’ was a good thing!” What most business owners don’t realize is that you can be wildly successful with only a fraction of the total market and have much less stress! Don’t believe me? Consider a typical marketing scenario now:

  • You decide to run some type of advertising or promotional campaign. Maybe the radio or TV salesperson sold you on two weeks of spots, or the newspaper gal worked out a special deal on ads, or maybe the guy from the printer told you how good postcards were working, so you decided to go with it. Your campaign goes live and people respond with a click, a call or a visit to your business.
  • Let’s assume they call you! Since all kinds of people are responding, you have to figure out if they’re qualified or not, so you begin probing: “How can I help you, what are you looking for today?… have you considered?… what about?… what’s your budget?… timeframe?…” etc. You sift, sort and separate.
  • On average, 80% of them are just looking or not ready: a dead-end. This is so common it has a name: The Pareto Principle, or the “80-20” rule.

So 80% of your marketing time, money, energy and efforts is WASTED on people who will NEVER BUY from you!

All of your revenues and profits come from the remaining 20% of the marketplace!(Think of the money you could save if you could just talk to the 20% to begin with! You CAN! Better yet, think of all the money you’ll save when YOU, not some media salesperson, is directing your marketing and controlling your own destiny!) But now, dig a little deeper and be honest with yourself: Is everyone in that remaining 20% worthy of being your Client Compadres just because they wave some plastic and buy from you? How about all the…

Whiners – Complainers – Time-wasters – Tire Kickers? AND… people who are NEVER satisfied, no matter WHAT you do!?

You know what? Friends don’t treat friends that way!

When you begin to Find Your TRUE Market WITHIN Your Marketplace, you’ll find these negative time- and energy-drainers will STOP coming to you. The Embrace Your Market approach will bring people to you who will treat you the way they treat a friend.

  • Customers who EMBRACE You!
  • Customers who LISTEN to YOU and follow your guidance!
  • Customers who are PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING!
  • Customers who BUY from YOU — again and again!
  • Customers who FORGIVE You when you screw up (and believe me, you WILL screw up every so often!)
  • Customers who become your ardent fans and lifelong friends!

THESE are the kind of Client Compadres who will respond when you EMBRACE Your Market and Enhance Their Lives!

Unfortunately, chances are your current marketing isn’t attracting these folks and may even be repelling them! In fact, most “marketing talk” sound more like you are engaged in an assault or war… or on a “seek and destroy” mission against your prospective customers! Marketing Can and Should Be Win-Win! I strongly believe your customers should feel elevated and enriched by their relationship with you: They WIN! And by simply doing business with you again and again, they VALIDATE your values, character and vision, so YOU WIN! You can enjoy deep satisfaction knowing you enhanced their life and added value, while experiencing more profit and less stress in your life than ever before!

Aren’t you ready to reduce your stress and increase your profits by surrounding yourself with the customers you WANT and ENJOY the most!?

Kathy Eppley

"I have so much more clarity now about how to get my message out. I know the tips about how to zero in on and really create a message to market match will attract exactly the kind of clients I'm looking for. I'm just so excited and thrilled to have met him!"

~Kathy Eppley,

Don Johnson

"Emerson, in a matter of minutes, explained some of the changes in today's economy and how I can utilize those changes to take my business and my life to a whole new level. Embrace Emerson, embrace what he teaches and just get as much as you can!"

~Don Johnson, Investor

Here’s the difference between what I want to share with you and how it differs from just about every other marketing approach I know of. Let’s say your business sells bicycles and bicycle accessories. The traditional marketer would just put out pictures and descriptions, specs and prices.When you Embrace Your Market, you recognize that your business is more than selling stuff, you are feeding a passion! You will focus on individuals who love the sport, treasure their bikes and value quality components. You may create a forum where cyclists can exchange their ideas, challenges and questions. You may choose to recognize top client-cyclists, or start a charity gifting bikes to underprivileged kids. You will reach out for insights from your customers to create new product lines, special events and more. The difference is like night and day and it is the difference between assaulting your market and learning to EMBRACE Your Market!


So who am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say on this subject?

I’m Emerson Brantley and what I’m sharing is based on over 30 years as a Master Marketing Strategist and Copywriter. During my career I have completed over 8600 marketing campaigns using just about every medium available, for all kinds of businesses and markets. Here’s just a few:

  • I produced the longest-running lead-generating TV infomercial ever made.
  • A recent campaign for one client generated enough response to shut down their servers.
  • My copywriting attracted over 17,859 webinar registrants from a modest sized list.
  • Business 2.0 magazine reported one of my email campaigns achieved a 41.55% conversions rate.
  • I’ve been nominated for the prestigious Ultimate Marketer of the Year Award.
  • My direct mail campaigns number in the tens of millions pieces mailed.
  • I’ve run radio and TV campaigns on hundreds of local stations as well as satellite radio.
  • I’ve invested tens of millions of dollars in Detailed Market Testing across dozens of markets.
  • I and my clients have been reported on and interviewed by almost every national media (…Read More About Emerson Brantley)

In addition to my professional success I have spent decades of studying and learning everything I can about my profession through classes, courses, books, training and personal mentoring from top individuals in my field. But I consider equally important the values of the family I grew up in and especially the many strong, smart women in my life. Even today their powerful continues to give me a unique understanding and advantage, because I see markets as individuals and the goal of marketing to establish and build deeper customer relationships… helping you to Embrace Your Market.

TRUTH: When you choose to Embrace Your Market instead of launching an assault against them, your business will experience a revitalization and growth that will astound you!

Pat Gage

"My time with Emerson has been awesome. He's been able to get inside my head and pull out of me my vision that I want for my company, and I really haven't met anybody that's been able to do that... to guide and focus my business to the next level and the next level beyond that. It took Emerson to pull it out of me."

~Pat Gage, Speaker, Author, Developer

Kim McFarland & Tom Vizzini

"We've been in business 14 years. It's amazing that in a 5 minute conversation you screwed my head back on straight, I actually felt that my brain was fried ... I think it was the most impactful moment of this entire week here. I can't wait now to get home and start reforming my business on the new things you told me and everything you reminded me of. Thank you so much!"

~Kim McFarland & Tom Vizzini,

TRUTH: When you learn to see and feel that these Client Compadres are your TRUE Market, you will intuitively know the right decisions and actions to take to Embrace Your Market in ways that draw them closer to you!

Look at it this way: In most cases when a customer buys from you, it’s just a transaction, a temporary relationship or none at all (until they need something again). A Client Compadre is a friend who knows the sale is just one step in an ongoing relationship, one they want to continue. These are powerful techniques you can utilize once you can begin to tap into your intuitive nature and trust your market. You Are Empowered to grow your marketing consistently from today forward with amazing results!

Shawn Rae

"He just gives from the heart... Emerson has the ability to ask the right questions and get information out of me that I didn't even know was there. If you're looking at improving your business or changing the way things are in your life, I highly recommend you meet and talk with Emerson."

~Shawn Rae, Florida Reverse Mortgage Center

Shirley Perlinger

"I can never be the same, I can never work the same. I had not one, not two, not three but five 'Aha!' moments! It's going to change to change my business, the way I see things and the way I do business. Thank you SO much! That was brilliant!"

~Shirley Perlinger, S & G Services

Here’s How To Attract Only The “Client Compadres” You WANT And Eliminate The Ones Who Drag You Down!

First determine who you WANT as customers and who you don’t want. Then create messages to the ones you WANT! A tall order to be sure. But I intend to make it easy for you. I have narrowed down 4 Specific Elements ANY business can use to take your marketing to the next level: Using The Embrace Your Market System…

Step 1. Together, we will determine your strategy!
  • You Will Have TOTAL CLARITY on where you stand in your business and your marketing right now, AND where you’d like it all to be!

Step 2: Together, we will zero in on your uniqueness!

  • You and your business already have the exact characteristics that your ideal customers want most! It is your uniqueness that matters most, and separates you from all their other options.

Step 3: Together we will create the perfect message that will resonate with your true market!

  • You Will Discover you can share your uniqueness in ways your ideal Client Compadres will relate to and enthusiastically respond to!

Step 4: Together we will use simple methods to track, measure and refine your message for ongoing results!

  • We Will Validate everything we’ve done so far so there’s never any doubt you are on the right track. Then we’ll keep making it all better and better so your responses and revenues constantly improve!

I really enjoy getting face-to-face with my clients, and becoming their Change Agent to grow their business with less stress! However, as much as I would love to sit down and work with every single business owner in America personally, we both know that isn’t practical. So to make it possible for YOU to energize and activate all of these key components in YOUR Business NOW, I’ve compiled everything I would personally do with if we were together in easy to use modules. Each Module in includes:

  • Short, to the point video coaching and training… no long, drawn out lessons but packed with the details you need to succeed!
  • Audio recordings you can listen to in your car or on your headphones!
  • Easy to follow step-by-step Guidebooks, Manuals, Workbooks and Blueprints!

This complete system will revolutionize your marketing and help you Embrace Your Market fast!

Module 1: Discovering Your Perfect Marketing Strategy! ($597 Value)

mod1Get crystal clear on where you stand in your marketing (and where you want your business to go) To know your market you need to really know yourself (and your business). This awareness points to the ideal client and the messages that will Embrace Your Market. We’ll analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and see where you and your business REALLY stands in terms of your marketing effectiveness. I have continually refined this process over the last 30+ years of coaching and consulting clients, often with dramatic results. Your answers to my in-depth questions will guide you to the precise direction and decisions you need right now! This Comprehensive SWOT Process Specifically Helps You…

  • Define Your Key Markets, so you can dial in on the ones who want you, will listen and follow what you suggest, buy from you repeatedly and become devoted, referring fans.
  • Establish Your Desired, Perceived and REAL Market Brand Position:
    • Who are you?
    • Who does your market see you as?
    • Who do you WANT to be seen as?
    • What will it take to get you there more economically?
  • Define Your Best Message To Your Key Markets
  • Define Your Best Approaches To Reach Your Markets, so you can reach them where they are, when they are ready to listen and respond.
  • Determine Your Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Value, and What Makes A Reasonable Marketing Budget (One You Can Afford). This dollars-and-cents breakdown can be a determining factor in the survival or long-term success of your company.
  • Narrow Down The Key Areas That Will Most Advance Your Marketing Right Now! You will know your most cost-effective, fastest-to-market and highest immediate results-producing steps to take – right now!

This one resource reveals your true market, your Client Compadres! Without it, you are “running blind,” which makes it very difficult to reach your goals.

Dr. Pankaj Naram

"When I met Emerson, I did not know he is a brilliant marketer. He gave me some very simple but so powerful tips which I believe will help my work and bring it to a different level. In these economic times his message can help many, many businesses to grow and bring them to a different level."

~Dr. Pankaj Naram, Televised Health & Healing Broadcast, 150 million viewers, health consultant to St. Mother Theresa, H.H. Dalai Lama, and over a million others in 108 countries

Edwin Kelly

"The thing I love about Emerson is that he has this way of coming up with the most elegant solutions to the most daunting challenges. He never ceases to just absolutely astound me with his ingenuity, creativity and innovation. He can work at a high level and take it down to a tactical level. That's a skillset I just haven't found with most marketers. Emerson IS my 'Go-To-Guy' when it comes to marketing and strategy."

~Edwin Kelly, Equity Trust, Largest U.S. Trust Company, 40,000 Clients,$30 Billion Managed Assets

(PLUS You Can Receive A PERSONALIZED Review Of Your SWOT Diagnostic & Specific Action Plan, a $1,250 Value, when you order your Embrace Your Market System RIGHT NOW!)

Module 2: Finding Your Perfect Unique Selling Proposition! ($397 Value)

mod2So You Can Define Your Uniqueness In Terms Your Market Will Embrace! Your uniqueness is what your ideal clients will relate to most. Finding it and expressing it is essential, period. Your business, your products and services are defined by their own merits but most of all BECAUSE Of YOU! You have infused your business with your own personality, values, ethics and energy. Once you begin expressing your unique positioning you will be able to focus your marketing efforts (and money) better, completely bypassing the 80% who will never buy, AND cause those old negative folks to stop coming around! Instead you will ATTRACT MORE Client Compadres as you Embrace Your Market! Your uniqueness is priceless! And once you get it clear in your heart and mind, your Client Compadres will come out of the woodwork to do business with you! I guide you carefully through the process of discovering your own USP, using the guidebook as well as video and audio training. In this module you’ll discover…

  • Exactly what a Unique Selling Proposition (Or Unique Market Perspective) is, what it’s for and what it does for you.
  • Examples of great USPs and why slogans, jingles, mottos and elevator pitches are not the same thing.
  • Clarity on features and benefits and how to write your USP in words that tell your prospect the results they can expect, so you get the results YOU want!
  • The importance of your USP for your branding and positioning in the minds of your market.
  • Six “Decision” Steps To Create Your USP… where I walk you through the exact process I’ve used hundreds and hundreds of times to create perfect USPs for my clients.

Your USP lets your market know that you aren’t just a good choice, but the One and ONLY Choice That Makes Sense For Your Client Compadres To Do Business With!

Mark Waldman

"John Assaraf, a close friend of mine, said "I'm going to send you my copywriter, Emerson Brantley, and I'm so glad I did. He climbed into my head, he found out what my expertise was. If you want your want your programs to reach millions...I cannot think of anyone else in the world to hire!"

~Mark Waldman,Bestselling Author "How God Changes Your Brain" (with Andrew Newberg,MD),an Oprah Must Read Book


Adam Urbanski

"This sales letter is so darn good... it was Emerson Brantley. If you have the chance to work with this gentleman he understands the psychology of what it takes to really relate to somebody, grab their attention...explain your business in words way better than your own and in the end actually have them purchase what you are selling!"

~Adam Urbanski, Millionaire Marketing Mentor

Module 3: Creating The Message That Draws Your Market To You! ($594 Value)

So that your Client Compadres will relate to you and respond enthusiastically! Using what you learned in your SWOT analysis, and your powerful, new USP, we’ll begin crafting the exact message your market wants to hear. The key is to always communicate your message in sincere, benefits-driven, language that tells your prospective Client Compadre what value you will add to Enhance her life. How would a world-class copywriter do this? Imagine sitting down with a Client Compadre at your favorite coffee shop. This is someone you know well. You know her lifestyle, her passions, her joys and frustrations. Think about how you would tell this friend about the things that would interest her about your business. This is the start of a great marketing message.

mod3_2When you relate to customers like a friend, they will be eager to build a business relationship with you!

In this module I give you a step-by-step Copywriting Blueprint that lets you look over my shoulder as we create an actual, compelling sales letter together. The same process works for ads, webpages, email sequences, or any other methods you use to reach your market. This is the MOST Powerful Formula You will ever find to craft the perfect message for your market! I explain each section of a classic sales piece, ask you thought-provoking questions and together we’ll choose the exact wording for the headline, the offer and everything else, including…

  • The key components that make your message, flow smoothly and hold your reader’s attention.
  • Two elements of a marketing communication that everybody reads, every time.
  • The critical “must have” components to add to any physical mail piece that will increase your response.
  • How to create your offer so it compels your reader to Take Action NOW!
  • Writing the perfect guarantee that actually LIMITS your liability while increasing the confidence of your market!
  • A Comprehensive Copywriters’ Checklist, to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

mod3_2This simple process will equipped you to write your message in your own voice. To make it even easier I’ve compiled dozens of headline, copywriting starters, brainstorming ideas and themes you can use to get your mental juices flowing and get going fast!

  • The specific needs your customers want you to fulfill for them!
  • Transformational words, power words, superlatives and incentives that create a sense of urgency!
  • Classic formulas I’ve developed from years of copywriting and themes to build your story around, so you can anchor your message to a central concept!

Finally, I also walk you through this entire creative process on video, showing you exactly how to use these resources to your greatest advantage so YOU can craft the perfect message your Client Compadres are waiting to hear!

But Emerson, How Do I Know My Marketing Message Will WORK? How Do I Know It’s Good Enough?

Doug Ottersberg

"I help other people all day long, and yet I have a very hard time getting other people to understand what I do. Emerson helps me get real really clear about what I do so I can help more people and make more money."

~Doug Ottersberg, Success Mindset Mastery

Angela Albright

"We’ve pretty much relied on Emerson (and his WEB3Direct team) for most of our projects because he’s just done such an amazing job. He understands every business model and every sales and marketing funnel;  highly professional, on time, gets the job done and delivers results. He’s got versatility across the scope of many industries so he’s very flexible, very versatile, extremely professional and I would just say ‘Go for it, you’re in good hands!”

~Angela Albright,CEO Automate My Online Marketing

Module 4: Improve Your Results With Easy, Proven Marketing Success Formulas! ($497 Value)

So You KNOW precisely which messages are working… and which ones are not! mod4Yes, there IS a point where we need to look at numbers. Numbers tell us which movies are loved and which are not. They tell us which products are outselling others at the supermarket. And, they will tell you if your message is motivating your market to respond. No need to be intimidated by these scientific tools. I’ll show you how to use them to fine-tune your message and increase response with each effort. I give you the 12 Most Powerful Success Metrics so you can know with absolute certainty how well your marketing is working, all the time! Different methods — email, click-thrus, radio, print, etc.– require different measuring sticks to gauge their success I give them all to you and show you exactly how to use them, then I walk you through each and every one: when to use it, when not, and when another is the better choice. You will discover…

  • How you can track your results like a pro
  • How to determine when a campaign is successful
  • What to test, what not to test, and when to test!
  • How to KNOW your results are accurate.
  • How to refine your message to increase responses and have more of the people you WANT to become customers actually BUY!
  • How to perform multiple tests at one time online, for no extra cost (so you can advance your marketing with more confidence, sooner!)

I’ve found most business owners Don’t Even KNOW These Tools EXIST, or that there is ANYTHING This POWERFUL ANYWHERE to help you understand your market. NOW YOU WILL… without spending millions of dollars in the process! You’ll be working SMARTER and spending MUCH LESS than businesses that fumble along in the dark, never knowing what’s working and what isn’t! The lazy marketer runs the ads or campaigns over and over. But only by continuously refining your message can you really get to know and EMBRACE Your Market. They will LOVE you for it, because you are LISTENING to them! Are you beginning to see how all these components are interrelated to achieve greater success in your marketing AND your business faster, with LESS Stress, fewer headaches and LESS Cost?

TOTAL value for all FIVE manuals along with the video’s and audio’s where I walk you through each module is $2085.00

Alison Palmer

"I learned things I didn't know in 25 years of running a successful business. He's very approachable, he's very straightforward and like the smartest guy in the room. One takeaway was that marketing is not 'a marketing campaign,' marketing never, ever ends and that's something I'm going to do."

~Alison Palmer, Custom Maid Housekeeping, Past National President,  ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International)

J.V. Crum

"Emerson Brantley gave me one of the most important insights that any marketer ever has, that one of the most important things I can do is offend the 97% of the people that are not my market. That is just revolutionary, because the amount of resources that I would be losing ... could be millions of dollars. I just want to thank Emerson for his amazing insights and his great marketing skills."

~J.V. Crum,

PLUS, When You Take Action Now You ALSO Get These ADDITIONAL Resources To Help Ensure Your Success:

New knowledge always generates new questions—some you never even considered before! As you discover more you understand more, and you find this creates new, exciting questions. So even though your Embrace Your Market System includes everything you need to revolutionize your marketing efforts, I am including these additional bonuses to help you in a more personal, ongoing way:

Bonus 1: Six Full Months Advanced Audio/Video Coaching and Training — $594 Added Value

VideoUpdateMontage-1As I teach and speak around the world I continually find new ways to handle difficult marketing challenges or discover new, successful campaign ideas. To share them with you I will record short “video vignettes” that get the points across in bite-size chunks that don’t require you to set aside an hour or more in one sitting. A video may be a revealing discussion with a client or students at an event or on a coaching call. I may interview an expert in a specific area that will enhance your marketing success. Or, I may dissect a specific campaign from start to finish. My goal is always to help you to grow and excel with deeper and deeper understanding and skills to truly Embrace Your Market! Our normal Advanced Video Training subscription is $99 a month, or $594 for six months.

Bonus 2: Live Group Strategic Coaching and Training — $1794 Additional Value

bonus2-imgThis is where you can ask urgent questions and solve your challenges live. Twice a month you’ll be on a live call where you can learn and exchanges ideas with me and other students. We share what’s working, pitfalls to avoid and marketing successes from a variety of industry and business sectors. This “cross pollination” of ideas is invaluable: while your local competitors are copying each other, you will be able to utilize ideas and techniques from totally different markets! You Pick The Topics as we engage in…

  • Strategic Marketing Coaching
  • “Hot Seat” Campaign Analysis and Feedback
  • Special Guest Marketing Experts
  • Digging Into Actual Campaign Results And Analyzing Them Together

In addition you will receive ADDITIONAL “Mission Critical” Resources which are different for each group and tailored to the participants’ specific needs. Each session is recorded so even if you miss one you can still review it later in our members area. Our normal subscription to these empowering Monthly calls is $199 a month, so this represents a $1794 additional value.

Bonus 3: “Massive Marketing Breakthrough LIVE!” — $2994 Extra Value

TicketsI want the chance to meet you and discuss your marketing needs personally. However, at $2500 an hour my consultation time is beyond the reach of many small business owners. That’s why, for my own “Client Compadres”, I hold an exciting and energizing live event twice a year called “Massive Marketing Breakthrough LIVE”. You’ll receive TWO Tickets, each a $1497 value when you get your Embrace Your Market system today. Select any city or date for up to three years from the date of your purchase. Attend the very next one as my guest or go through all the materials first and begin actively using what you learn, then attend at a later date. Your choice. At the End of Just Two Days You Will Have Your…

  • Strategy For Your Business, Your Message, Your Market and How To Reach Them!
  • Positioning — Become Crystal Clear About Your Uniqueness And How To Convey It!
  • Message To Market — You Will Know The Message Your Market Will Respond To!
  • Copywriting — We’ll Do Exercises Right In Class To Get Your Message Fine Tuned!
  • Tests and Benchmarks To Use, Identifying Your Key PR Opportunities and More!

bonus3-imgEach of these empowering events is unique! We hold morning and afternoon sessions covering a wide variety of topics to help you Embrace Your Market, such as:

  • We’ll look at how to interpret response numbers, how to measure your success, and how to zero in on exactly the Client Compadres you want most!
  • 12 low-cost, highly-effective strategies to increase sales, expand your margin AND raise volume without cutting prices,!
  • 34 Free (or almost free) Under-The-Radar Techniques to get your message through all the media and online clutter, so people listen and buy!
  • How to create PR that local media actually cover, so YOU and your business are featured over others!
  • My easy “Miracle on 34th Street” non-confrontational approach to getting rid of the negative customers who won’t go away! Make difficult people your competitor’s problem, not yours! This simple approach will clear them out of your life so you can focus more on the Client Compadres your really enjoy doing business with most!
  • 68 Marketing Tools (all free) that you can use right now, to get significantly greater results from your online marketing (and turn your customers into your evangelists)!
  • My powerful “Pay It Forward” approach that will generate an endless flood of new, qualified, eager referrals, for zero cost!
  • Why you have NO real competition. Once we go through this powerful session, You Can ALWAYS Be Your Client’s Number One Choice!
  • What is your “freeline,” and how to design it so it filters out the people you don’t want!
  • Strategies and techniques to create a powerful natural sales funnel with ever increasing revenues!

There will also be “Hot Seats” where you get professional feedback and input on your biggest marketing challenge. And Our Most Popular Session Of All, “Emerson Unplugged!”, where you get to throw me the toughest, most frustrating marketing questions and problems you are facing and get my direct feedback and input — no holds barred!

That’s $5352 In Bonuses Alone, Bringing Your Total Value To $7467

When You Invest In The Embrace Your Market System TODAY You Qualify For Special VIP Pricing Of Only $1487… A Savings Of $5980!

Cheryl Jack

"I've had the pleasure of working with THE Emerson Brantley. He is a phenomenon when it comes to marketing. He knows marketing like he BREATHES it. He can take your concept and come up with a unique twist to attract your target audience and go viral... If you need somebody to help you strategize your marketing campaign both offline AND online, use the man, Emerson Brantley!"

~Cheryl Jack, Performance Expert

Charlie Price

"I've always had to struggle with referrals. I've never had a systemized process. Ever since I met Emerson we've had discussions on marketing and specifically the referral process. One thing I love about him is his "Pay It Forward" concept... they're presold, they don't care about price. Emerson has been amazing at helping me with that portion of my practice."

~Charlie Price, Attorney

My Absolute Double Value Guarantee

#1 – You’ll Have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of the manuals and their accompanying audios and videos immediately. Read and review them for 30 days and participate on our group calls. If you don’t find you have a deeper understanding of your marketing and your true market, simply ask for and receive a full refund, no questions asked. #2 – Honestly use and apply the Embrace Your Market System for 6 full months. Actively participate in our live coaching and events so your questions and specific needs are addressed. If, after 6 months, you feel you have not experienced increased effectiveness in your marketing, found new areas of opportunity you were missing before, and gotten a clear vision for your uniqueness, your brand, your positioning and exactly WHO your real market is, you may ask for and receive a personal consultation and continue to receive the live coaching and video updates for up to another full year, for no additional cost to you. With This Double Guarantee, You Can Begin To Embrace Your Market Now With Confidence!

You Get: All The Manuals, All Videos and Audios Plus 6 Months Of Video and Live Training and The Massive Marketing Breakthrough Boot Camp

A Total Value Of $7467 — All For Only $1487 When You Act Now!

While there is no way to put all the marketing experiences over 30 years into one program, I have taken the most important “Mission Critical” components—elements I’ve used with hundreds of clients to revolutionize their marketing—and combined them into this step-by-step program. If you are tired of “high-maintenance” customers and time-wasters, if you worry about whether your marketing is working, if you are ready for less effort, less stress and the ability to enjoy working with Client Compadres, then I encourage you to take me up on this unique opportunity, and begin to Embrace Your Market NOW!

Jennifer Puterbaugh

"Through conversations with Emerson... the issue of our return rates disappeared. I didn't want to launch a product, I wanted to launch a corporation. The branding, the relationships you maintain... Emerson was able to give me strong perspective on just how to implement all that. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who looks at not just how to accomplish tasks, but how to accomplish dreams." ~Jennifer Puterbaugh, Loan Repair & Rescue

Mark Kaplan

"Emerson Brantley has helped us articulate exactly what our message is. Each step he's helped us reach out to millions of people around the world with a message of hope and inspiration. I highly, highly recommend his services to anybody that would need somebody to truly make a difference in their organization."

~Mark Kaplan,Venture Capitalist,Founder Club Asteria Foundation

Here’s A Brief Recap Of What You Get When You Act Now!

Module 1: Determine Your Strategy! Get Real Clear On Where You Stand In Your Business and Your Marketing! – $597 Value
Module 2: Define Your Uniqueness In Terms Your Market Will Embrace! – $297 Value
Module 3: Create The Message That Your “Client Compadres” Within Your Market Space Will Respond To! – $594 Value
Module 4: Use Smart Testing To Validate and Fine-Tune Your Message and Improve Your Results! – $497 Value

Plus All These Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Six Months Advanced Video Training – $594 Value
Bonus 2: Six Months Live Group Strategic Coaching and Training – $1794 Value
Bonus 3: Massive Marketing Breakthrough LIVE!” – $2994 Extra Value

Your Total Value: $7467 BUT, When You Act Now: Only $1487 You Save Over $5000 and Your Investment is Double Guaranteed!

Your Instant Reward For Decisive Action:

Your Own PERSONALIZED SWOT Analysis Review and Action Plan — $1,250 Value When you order your Embrace Your Market System RIGHT NOW and send us your completed Comprehensive SWOT Analysis within 30 Days, we will waive our customary fee for this service, personally review it and send you an Individualized “Action Plan” Report detailing…

  • Your Top Target Markets
  • Your Most Compelling Message
  • The Best Ways To Reach Them
  • Your Customer Acquisition Costs
  • The Three Key Areas You Need To Address NOW For Greatest Profitability

The more clarity and order we can bring your marketing, the clearer your vision and focus will be. This “Action Plan” will sort all the many details about your business and market into specific directions and “Next Steps” you can implement immediately!

That Brings Your Total Value To Over $8,000 — Yet It’s STILL Only $1487 When You Act Now!

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