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If it loads too slow, it’s Nova.

One of the problems that nags website performance is the speed that a site loads in the visitors browser. Over half of America has access to high-speed Internet (cable or DSL), but half of those only have broadband at their place of employment. Why do you think there’s a peak in your traffic every day around lunchtime? When they get home, it’s AOL dialup, and that great site you had designed suddenly begins losing a higher percentage of visitors than before. Why? Because the great logo and the rich graphics slowed it down to a crawl. And, when the Internet is really busy, even with broadband sites can take precious seconds to load, and every second it takes is costing you visitors.

In a famous marketing case history, when Chevrolet introduced the Chevy Nova it was a runaway success. A decent looking, affordable compact car. So they rolled it out in Latin and South America, where sales nosedived. Nobody in research bothered to consider that “No va” meant “won’t go” in Spanish. And if your website is No Va, your visitors will be vamanos!

Carpe Diem!

Emerson Brantley

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