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Look a little different.

This is actually complementary to the previous Maxim, not contradictory. Simply put, you should interject some variance in your look, especially for repeat mailings to your customer base, and especially for the outer package. Yes, the style should retain its standard elements, but subtle changes keep it fresh, and keep the customers from tossing your mailing before they even open it (yes, even your adoring customers do this!).

Try sending the message in a colored envelope, or add teaser copy to the envelope where you always used plain white envelopes before. Use a larger or smaller envelope. Include a response envelope inside the mailing envelope. Add a page of testimonials. Add a red or blue printed “rubber stamp” image (such as “Last Chance” or “Final Notice”). Send a follow-up postcard. Send a pre-mailing postcard. Instead of a lift note, put in a bogus check. Instead of a bogus check, staple a real dollar bill or an international note to the first page. Use yellow ink to “highlight” certain phrases. Add handwritten margin notes or last minute P.S. Use a sticky note to personalize the piece.

You get the general idea. Being creative is important, especially when you’re mailing into the same universe. If you’re mailing into a cold list, they won’t know it’s different. However, a different package could be as effective as changing the copy for your next test mailing!

Carpe Diem!

Emerson Brantley

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