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Your customer likes to be stroked

Customers are like anyone else… they like to be on the “in” team; they like to be smart and savvy, strong and handsome, fun and right. It’s common to paint a picture that creates a sense of dissatisfaction and clearly shows the negative results of not buying, of not making the “right” decision. When we do this we need to remember customers and prospects never respond to direct criticism when you are selling them. Instead, state your criticisms in couched language, or relate the criticism to a third party, and get their agreement and maybe even their permission, first.

For example, saying, “You’ve probably tried a lot of different businesses….” is not only making assumptions that are bound to irritate, but is just plain less effective than the familiarity of, “You probably know people who’ve tried…” Sure, I do, you do, we all do. Common information. We can all be part of the in group this way.

Who knows what negative feelings might pop up if I suggest they’ve bounced around from business to business!? Am I saying they’re a failure? Maybe I’m accusing them of being wishy-washy, lacking focus, or worse, of being too dumb to do a business? Maybe they should just quit now! No need for that salesletter anymore!

Closing a sale is not about being a power “hammer” on their head. Closing is made up of lots of little statements and thought processes where we get the prospect into agreement with us. We get them nodding their head, “Yes!” as they read our copy, listen to our audio or watch our online video. By getting them over their side of the table, side-by-side with them, we’re stroking their ego (by implying that others, not as bright as they are, may make whatever the mistake or poor choice suggested, but certainly not them!) as well as becoming their partners in the whole idea. The fact that they may be guilty of the same fault that we criticized remains their little secret, and they will most likely look to your copy for the solution to their… um, the other guy’s… problem.

Carpe Diem!

Emerson Brantley

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