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Worldwide Angels

Emerson Brantley served on the Board of Directors for Worldwide Angels from 2000-2004. The company offered a guaranteed funding program for businesses. Using Web3Direct’s extensive understanding of direct marketing and business funding, we helped the founder develop an entirely new approach to the financial services marketplace. We expanded the company’s contacts to thousands of entities as diverse as state economic development offices, angel investors, and international banks. Worldwide Angels website grew from a startup to a company processing hundreds of requests each month, with prospects that were truly “worldwide.” We helped the company through the difficult Wall Street Journal certification process to become a direct lending advertiser, providing yet another source of qualified clients and new sources of capital.

Worldwide Angels timing was excellent, and as markets changed after 2000, the company revised its funding strategies to accommodate newer business and investor needs and issues. In 2004 the assets were acquired by one of the investment banking associate companies. The founder of Worldwide Angels, Rud Bergfeld, now partners directly with Web3Direct, sharing his decades of international banking and business expertise to provide business funding for our clients.

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